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Shear Inspirations Salon

Shear Inspirations Salon LLC owned by Estela Belmonte. There are two locations, across the street from each other, at 111 & 112 E Main Street in Boonville. Estela can be reached directly at 336-401-1827 or you can call the main number at 336-551-4196, to schedule an appointment. Hours are mainly Tuesday-Friday 8am-5pm; Saturday 8am-2pm; or by appointment only, at other times. Fernando Vasquez and Gray Speaks provide hair cuts and razor shaves. Estela is joined by Jessica Martinez, Loretta Guden, Odalys Torres, Judy Walker, Elsa Bahena, Samantha Martin, Christina Silvers, Emeli Salazar and Skylar Coleman in providing services. The salon offers Hair Cuts, Color, Boliage, Highlights, Perms, Fairy Hair, Prom Hair, Brazilian Blowouts, Makeup, Lash Lifts and Extensions and Hair Care Products! Reach out today for an appointment!!

Additional Info

  • Address: 111 & 112 E Main St
  • City: Boonville
  • State: NC
  • Zip Code: 27011
  • Phone: 336-551-4196
  • Hours:

    Tuesday-Friday 8am-5pm

    Saturday 8am-2pm

    by appointment only, at other times

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