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Fitness on Fleek

Fitness on Fleek located at 105 N Carolina Avenue.  Christina Mann opened this “Women’s Only Gym” in November 2017. Currently she has a class Monday-Thursday 6-7pm that addresses cardio, strength and flexibility. On Saturday mornings 9-10am she has Bootcamp CrossFit. Christina uses “dance fitness” personal training that includes learning to dance, flexibility and performance. She loves to do dance-a-thons and training with middle/high school teams. Reach out to Christina at 336-692-2018 or via Facebook.

Additional Info

  • Address: 105 N Carolina Ave
  • City: Boonville
  • State: NC
  • Zip Code: 27011
  • Phone: 336-692-2018
  • Hours:

    Monday-Thursday 6-7pm

    Saturday mornings 9-10am